Having a judgment filed against you brings with it a new level of debt collection. Thankfully, the Attorneys at Gina H. McDonald & Associates, LLC can help you sort through your legal options.

A judgment is a final order by a court resulting from a lawsuit that may have been filed against you. A judgment can be entered after the entire case is heard by a judge or by default. If you fail to answer a lawsuit that has been properly filed and served upon you, the creditor can request a judgment by default. At Gina H. McDonald & Associates, LLC we often find that the first indication a client has that they are in financial trouble is when a default judgment has been entered against them, and they are facing a garnishment of wages, or a bank account.

If you have been served with a lawsuit, it is imperative that you contact an attorney near you to help you determine your options. Your failure to answer could result in a judgment against you. A judgment against you could result in a garnishment of your wages or bank account. A judgment can trigger financial ruin if you do not seek professional help. At Gina H. McDonald & Associates, LLC our attorneys are prepared to meet with you and help to solve your financial difficulties. Call today for a free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy consultation. 205-982-3325